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Professional Services

Secure the best talent in the industry with our strategic staffing and recruitment solutions.

Contract Staffing & Recruiting

Find the best talent for your projects with our leading staffing solutions. Our IT professional staffing practice is one of the best in the nation, serving clients in North America, the Middle East, and India. Through a well-maintained database of on-call IT professionals, we help our clients minimize hiring expenses by rapidly securing the best talent for their needs. Gain peace of mind with our proven system for both contracted projects and full-time hires.

Quality You Can Trust

Minimize risk with our unique recruitment philosophy. We believe both technical and soft skills are important for successful placement. As such, we access each candidate for technical aptitude, emotional intelligence, leadership, and interpersonal skills to best determine his or her potential for future collaboration. When we recommend a candidate, you can rest assured he or she has the technical capacity to successful execute your project, and the interpersonal skills to smoothly integrate into your organization.

Offshore Services

Minimize operating costs with our offshore staffing solutions. Our international staff maintains the industry standard for IT, and is available as-needed for short-, medium-, and long-term solutions. We also offer IT support 24 hours a day through our ‘Follow the Sun’ model. This allows you to get your projects off the ground faster, more affordably, and without the hassle of hiring an in-house IT specialist.
All of our staff, including domestic and international professionals, undergo thorough testing to guarantee technical aptitude and interpersonal skills. Contact us about our staffing services today.

Key Services

• Contract-to-Hire Recruiting
• “Follow the Sun” Hiring Models
• Full-Time Recruiting
• Off-site, as-needed IT services
• Offshore Services, including offsite staffing and manufacturing services
• Short-, Medium-, and Long-Term Contractors